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Lester L

Posted On October 24, 2016 @ 2:15 am By: Kellie Cowles


“I really like your ability to observe what is needed for me based upon my age and strengths and weaknesses. Your knowledge and commitment to constant improvement, including changing course when needed and not sticking to a dogma, i.e., this is the only way, best way.

You share that you know of many ways to accomplish or achieve a goal, and you work hard to determine the best way to help your client(s). You always and I mean always, keep safety at the forefront of any workout or protocol. This I am sure has saved me from unnecessary injuries.

I trust your input, critique, and willingness to hear different opinions. You have many resources to draw upon. And, you’ve pointed out multiple tools that have been extremely helpful. Working with you has meant a lot to me. You are direct and straight forward without coming across crass or as a “know it all.” That equates to “you come across with real class.””


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