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Janet G

Posted On October 24, 2016 @ 2:16 am By: Kellie Cowles


My Mom has been training with Coach Kellie Cowles for about year and a half. Never having worked with weights or even being the gym-going type, my Mom was nervous AND excited to start her health and fitness journey as one of Kellie’s many “masters” clients/athletes. Having experienced Kellie’s coaching techniques, I was confident that she was the BEST match to personally coach my Mom. I had the ultimate faith that Coach Kellie could turn my Mom’s world around. And I was right!! I purchased her first 12 sessions as a Christmas gift at the end of 2014, and my Mom has been so THRILLED by her results that she has continued training 3-days a week with Kellie since February 2015. Watching her transformation has been truly amazing! Seeing her new-found strength and confidence fills me with happiness. For my Mom, training with Coach Kellie has been a life-altering!!


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