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5-Session Introductory Course

WHAT'S INCLUDED:  LEARN:  Healthy Habits to maximize the benefits of your exercise routine.  Water, nutrition, sleep, stress... can all impact your fitness results.  Learn what works best for you. PRACTICE:  Safe, Effective Movements to build your fitness - Learn how to develop your strength from core to extremity.  How to safely lift, squat, and press over head.  The key to protecting your back and joints come with using proper technique.  This course will teach you the basics. EXPERIENCE:  Five (5) Private training sessions with Coach Cowles - Each session is unique to the individual being coached.  Come experience what that means for you.
LEARN: Class 1: HYDRATION...  Water, coffee, alcohol, juice and soda all work… or do they?  Learn the differences and most importantly why sugar is the most risky. Class 2:  STRESS… Comes at us from everywhere.  Some good like exercise, some bad like auto accidents, some manageable like sleep, some not so manageable like new babies.  Learn how all stressors accumulate in your body, impacting your health and what can be done to control them. Class 3: NUTRITION… Just how much food does the average person need? In this age of gargantuan proportions, more is not always better. This session teaches the starting place for honing in your eating habits. Class 4: GROCERY SHOPPING… With all the choices available, how do you decide what to buy?  In this session you will be shown how to navigate around advertising dazzle to find the foods your body needs. Class 5: SUPPLEMENTS, TIPS & RESOURCES… Nutrition is a huge topic and it’s so easy to get lost in the details. In this session we share the basics along with trusted, expert resources to continue your education.   PRACTICE: Class 1:  Do you know that CORE strength is more than just your abs?   In your first session, you will learn about core and back (hint, hint) strength and how to safely and effectively develop yours. Class 2:  Does it hurt your knees when you SQUAT down?  Today you will learn the most common reasons why people experience knee pain when squatting and the how to avoid it. Class 3:  Do you know that even people with “bad backs” can be taught to safely LIFT objects from the ground without placing strain on lower back. This session teaches you how to safely pick up a variety of different objects from the ground. Class 4: One of the most essential movements for core strength is the PUSH-UP.  In this session you will be taught effective ways to develop your push-up skill.  Speaking from personal experience, the feeling of empowerment that comes with the ability to do a standard push-up is amazing! Class 5:  Does your shoulder hurt when you try to PRESS an object overhead?   Do you lose your balance when trying to place an object on a high shelf?  Today we will explore the most effective techniques for moving weight overhead. EXPERIENCE: All five classes include a workout that incorporates the movements that have been taught.  The goal of the workouts is to build confidence in movement execution and memory to be able to build on them after the course concludes. All workouts are customized to your individual fitness level, so that you experience a workout that leaves your body and brain feeling physically challenged, but not overwhelmed.
DETAILS: Each class lasts about an hour and includes learning, practicing and training. Physical workouts are tailored to you, and the degree of difficulty is based on your ability. Your current level of fitness determines the particulars of your actual experience. Sessions are held at one of two locations: Arcadia - Inside a private boutique fitness studio Pasadena - Inside a private functional fitness gym Both facilities offer a variety of training equipment to ensure that Coach Cowles's private and semi-private clients have the opportunity to work with a wide variety of weighted and cardio-vascular equipment. STAND ALONE OFFERING...  NO OBLIGATIONS Use the information learned in your five sessions to begin your fitness foundation.  Whether on your own, in a group, or with a private coach.  There are no catches or obligations to purchase anything further. Having said that, fitness, nutrition and recovery are vast fields of study and expertise.  This course is designed to introduce the student to best practices as a base for developing personal fitness.  By it's limited scope, there is much that can not be taught.   To encourage continuing your fitness journey with Perennial Strength beyond this course, we offer a 15% discount toward your next purchase.

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