Perennial: Endlessly recurring and growing


ATTENTION The greatest benefit of private coaching is having professional attention laser focused on your specific goals and individual attributes.  Coach Cowles is always interested in learning about the factors in your life that may affect your body and fitness goals.  Whether it's sleeping habits, nutrition challenges, physical conditions or limitations, Coach Cowles knows that the greatest results come from working with your unique particulars and needs in order to best help you achieve the results you seek.  
UNDERSTANDING  Fitness coaching can be so much more than just putting a client through a routine of exercises.  Coach Cowles takes the time to truly learn about her clients so that she understands their values, priorities, challenges and potential.  From there she can teach them the habits and strategies that better align with their goals. Seriously... any trainer can get you sweaty and send you home, but a professional coach will help you learn the tools that can last you a lifetime!
TECHNIQUE A professional coach knows that how a client performs an exercise movement is critical for both their safety and their results.  Proper technique is the first building block for skill and performance, while incorrect technique inevitably leads to injury or goal failure.  Coach Kellie Cowles teaches, drills and closely monitors her clients movement and performance.  This ensures that they safely progress toward their goals, regardless of their starting level.    

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