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Christina… Leaving the darkness behind

Posted On April 10, 2017 @ 7:28 pm By: Kellie Cowles

We met in alcohol recovery meetings about 10 years ago. In the rooms, Christina would invariably be dressed in flowing smock dresses, leggings and boots, so much that she had earned the nickname “Boots.” She dressed that way not just because she was a super talented “artist” like I thought, but to hide an eating disorder.  She had mastered the art of hiding to the degree that even her husband didn’t know about her bulimia.

Christina used to love playing volleyball and softball.  During meeting breaks, she’d always ask about my fitness programs and services, saying she wanted to get stronger but she wouldn’t follow through.

In Dec, 2015 the call came and we met on the patio of the Monrovia Starbucks. She had finally had enough of living with her eating disorder and she told me her secret. She was ready for recovery and asked me to teach her healthy eating and exercise habits.

I agreed to help as much as possible, under the condition that she stay under the care of an MD and therapist.  I also strongly encouraged her to share her condition with her husband or another loved one.  Keeping secrets from close family is risky and it was good to hear when they had been looped in.

As soon as Christina stopped purging and started to eat, drink and sleep under new parameters, her body started to react and change.  In the beginning, there was so much fluid retention and discomfort that she could hardly walk.  No matter how she felt, we would still meet and at minimum, spend her sessions working on lifestyle and nutrition strategies.  When she could walk, we’d walk, when she couldn’t, we’d sit, and when her body had healed enough to exercise, she worked out.

Rarely, have I seen a client as dedicated and consistent as Christina.   Within the span of only one year, she has transformed her life from one of self-loathing to one of joy and self-love.  She embraces her training, her challenges, setbacks and successes as part of the process, knowing that the road to wellness is a lifelong journey.  She has become mentally tough, physically strong and is now setting her sights on the adventures that are only open to those who are fit and courageous.


She is a living example of the possibilities open to anyone willing to do the work.  Christina, as your friend, I couldn’t be happier for you and Mitch.  As your coach, I couldn’t be prouder of your effort, willingness and results.  One step at a time, keep it up sister!

The video that follows is an awesome example of this transformed woman.  Take the time to watch and you may just find yourself inspired to reach new heights in your own life.! (Click on the link, below the photo.)   Enjoy!


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